Sage CRM helps companies to manage and maximise their sales pipeline and performance, provide accurate reporting, increase demand for your products and services, and turn exceptional customer experience into your #1 competitive advantage. With Sage CRM, you can completely re-imagine the way you do business, helping you to drive growth and profits, even in tough times.

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Some of Sage CRM features:

*  Sales – collect, manage and track opportunities, from first contact to final sale, ensuring resource is focussed on those most likely to be fruitful

*  Targeted Marketing – plan, execute and evaluate your marketing campaigns with ease. Powerful reporting allows you to
drill into lead sources and analyse opportunities, ensuring you are able to target the key leads

*  Social Media – facilitate more effective communication with prospects and customers through integration with social media
channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

*  Mobile – increase the flexibility and productivity of your workforce by enabling them to view and update key customer information anytime, anywhere

*  Email Marketing – reduce business costs and maximise opportunities through targeted automated email
marketing campaigns, using personalised tailored templates

*  Customer Service – manage your customer relationships more effectively by enabling your staff to record and monitor cases
in one place using a customisable interactive dashboard. Utilise workflow and auto alert functionality to ensure cases are actively
followed through and completed on time, every time

*  Customer Satisfaction – improve customer satisfaction and relationships by drawing on a full customer and prospect history