Merging and deduping?
Selecting, transferring and preparing?
Not sure just how big the data migration project is?
Stuck with loads of duplicate records?
Legacy CRM system?

Selecting, preparing, extracting and transforming data and permanently transferring it from one platform to another can seem daunting – that’s where we come into the equation. We can complete your database migration for you, we work with you first to understand your current system and structure and what relates to what and where.

Database Migrations can be particularly complicated with all the challenges of changing your software platform. Perhaps some old features are missing, behave differently and even some new features may be available and you would like to take advantage of those but not quite sure how your old systems data quite fits in.

You may have a software Business Partner telling you its a simple process or even the opposite – that it is a huge process which costs thousands and thousands of ££ … well that’s where we will confirm either way the scale of the operation required and help you to achieve what you need to do.

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