CRM a service or a system

It has long been debated whether CRM is a service or system.

Andrew Baillie, Marketing and CRM Consultant at Anderson Baillie, shares his experiences and knowledge in a series of CRM casebook files.

Andrew Baillie has over 25 years experience in consulting in CRM methods and technologies. Together with Anderson Baillie we offer best practice campaign management and CRM implementation tools to help your sales and marketing teams create wealth for your business, allowing you to track the effectiveness of marketing spend and customer focussed strategies.

Relations Profit By Them

Using data to manage customer relations

A CRM tools are only as good as the data that drives them. Are you are unsure of who your customer is, and why they are buying from you?
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New Business, Target It

Effective lead generation management

Lead development for all companies has to improve. Audiences are becoming immune to empty claims and arguments; they only want to be engaged when they have a need. Hard selling is ignored and random advertising mistrusted. New business development needs to be on a 1 to 1 basis, focused and targeted, solving an issue the target audience has as if they were the only one with the problem.
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Opportunity, Close It

How to deliver more opportunity

CRM is not sales force automation (SFA). It deals with the other side of the customer interaction experience. CRM is about managing the relationship to make more, SFA is about creating that relationship in the first place. If you can’t manage customer interaction in this manner, the rules by which your CRM method is applied will confuse your teams and end up with them performing badly.
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Partner Channels, Build Them

Improving your channel management

Channels seem to fall into two camps. Those that work well and those that just plod on, slowly eroding revenues each year until a shake-up occurs. When you analyse each of the channels, those that are a success have passion, are driven and the partners are dedicated to the brand that you offer them. The plodding channel is rife with conflict, lack of ambition, focus and goal setting.
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Closing the Loop, Measure It

Integrating marketing and sales

Campaign tools should be at the heart of your CRM strategy. They stimulate revenue ideas, drive through communications and introduce bundling and promotions that need to be communicated at every level. Above all, they place a huge demand on the resources of your CRM so if implemented badly, you can find your call centre or sales force over stretched and ill prepared.
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CRM Casebook is brought to you by Andrew Baillie, Anderson Baillie.